"But if you believe yourself worthy of the thing you fought so hard to get, then you become an instrument of God, you help the Soul of the World, and you understand why you are here."


Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

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"the only reason i would be upset that i had a gay child is that at one point they would encounter people like you"
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Sext: I packed this bowl for two





Moon in the 8th House

"Emotional peace and comfort are sought through intimate relationships when the moon is the eighth house and there is constant turmoil over who gives more and cares more in these relationships. Those with an eighth-house moon don’t enjoy casual relationships. They take intimate relationships very seriously and know very quickly whether a potential mate is either someone they want or don’t want. These people are often obsessed with their relationships because they put all of their focus and energy into them, unconsciously focusing their entire lives around their mate, and giving more than they should while wondering why their mate doesn’t give as much to them. Happiness is found when the eighth-house moon person brings the unconscious into consciousness and realizes that they expect too much from their partners. It is their choice to focus their whole lives around their mate and expecting their mate to do the same thing is selfish and only leads to pain and disappointment. The eighth-house moon needs to learn self-sufficiency rather than expecting all their needs to met through relationships. Extremely sensitive to the unspoken communication, these people experience other people on a feeling level. They assess people quickly and accurately with their feelings, and these feelings cannot be translated into words. This is an emotional weight carried around by the eighth-house moon because it is felt and not expressed. It becomes burdensome. Peace is found when they let go of these feelings and they let go of their expectations in relationships. In the eighth house, the moon needs to satisfy its need to care for another person without expecting anything in return. Satisfying the moon’s need to probe and understand can be shifted to worldly issues like politics, psychology or astrology which helps to shift the focus away from the self, and therefore, freeing the eighth-house moon."


The Parent Trap (1998)

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Does anyone with an Aquarius moon get annoyed as fuck at themselves and then you just like don’t even feel like connected to anything because you feel like if you do you don’t know if you’ll breathe anymore or am I just like super thinking about it….just a weird feeling astrology noob whatevs

Omg, yes. I’m a Scorpio Sun and Aqua Moon and I feel this way all the time.

Holy shit I’m following you because it’s like what the fuck you know exactly what I’m talking about


scorpios desire for passionate intimacy, inter astral bonding and breaking away from mundane life is savage and aggressive. scorpio is hard to define. they are love, pleasure, essence, rage, orgasm, magic, tenacity and they can soak you in feeling of everything